Natural Light Patio Covers

Turn your sun-baked patio and deck into a cool, softly-lit outdoor room with an elegant patio cover. Natural Light Patio Systems are the most advanced line of day-lighted roofing products available and your best solution for outdoor protection and comfort. Filter and soften harsh sunlight for endless hours of pleasant illumination and shield your family from UV attack under the reliable protection of ACRYLITE Acrylic. Canvas and metal awnings block the light. Glass heats up like an oven. Made with a technologically superior, German-engineered material, ACRYLITE high impact acrylic roofing products have been designed to excel in North America's extreme conditions. The ACRYLITE Heatstop cool blue, blocks UV rays, allows 50% of the sunlight through while blocking 75% of the heat rays. The Acrylic panels have a non-pro-rated 30 year warranty against yellowing and a non-pro-rated 10 years hail warranty. Now that is a product that will give you and your family years of enjoyment in all weather conditions.

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